Kita jaga Malaysia.

A story pleasing to the ears, for a change 🙂

Below is an excerpt of a post by Yusdira Darma Dorai in fb. Well done Malaysians!

I’ve probably been the govt’s biggest critic of their handling of Covid 19. And, I continue to be.

But, this isn’t about them. This is about those people serving at the PWTC vaccination centre.

It was my mum’s appointment today for her AZ shot. Taking her for this wasn’t going to be easy – she has asthma, has difficulty walking and has dementia. Getting here, parking, walking to the right hall. Plus reassurring her all the time; as she had seen something on the BBC about the risk of the AZ vaccine. And, I not being the most patient of sons.

When we got there, we saw long queues. Some snaking outside in the heat. I had prepared for this. Some snacks and water, and some stories to keep her mind occupied.

Just after finding the right queue, and getting in line, with her usual impeccable timing, my mum needed the loo. I asked a young man in the blue Civil Defence uniform where the nearest toilet was. About 400 metres away, he says, then just turns around and brusquely walks away, irritating me.

400m – to get there and back, after having walked quite aways from the car park – tough for my mum. Just as I was about to ask my mum if she could wait, the young man returns, with a wheelchair. “Come aunty” he says gently. My mum, being prideful (and ppl wonder where I get it from) refuses the wheelchair. I’m about to lose my temper with my mum when he signals me to be quiet. He then proceeds to ask my mum what she used to work as. Teacher, answers mum. The boy, probably half my age, gives her a speech about how she has served the nation and now it’s the nation’s turn to give back. She smiles and gets on the wheelchair.

We never queued up again.

After that, not just for my mum, but for all old folk, it was Golden VIP all the way. All queues bypassed; special lifts; and special entrances. My mum feeling embarassed all the way and saying sorry everytime a que was held up for her, and all people smiling back in return with a “no problem”.

The usherers, the medical staff, the doctors – all fantastic. Many are volunteers I was told. The doc who jabbed my mum reassurred her and made jokes while vaccinating my mum (she was cute too, but warned me not to take her picture. Many must have tried).

Rarely in a government milieu have I said “thank you” so much and meant it.

True Malaysia.
…breathtaking people 🇲🇾 .